Water Tank Installation – Readying Your Home For Queensland Conditions

Even before most water storage tanks may be set up, a stable sand pad foundation must be prepped.

There are some important things to think about when choosing your tank site and readying the pad:

Preparing Your Property

The sand pad should be level, steady and devoid of debris preceding construction.

The sand pad must be at the minimum two metres larger than the diameter of your rainwater tank.

For uneven tank sites, make certain sufficient drainage to redirect run off away from the tank wall.

Aggregate must be applied around the outline of your tank to eliminate erosion and abide by warranty conditions *.

A retaining wall may be needed to maintain pad integrity **.

Your tank shouldn’t be left unfilled for an extended amount of time. A minimum load of water (10% of tank capacity) should be positioned in your tank at the finish of construction.

* Check with us to see if we can supply this extra service. If not, you will want to make certain this is appropriately applied after installation yourself

** 1,000 litres of stored water weighs 1,000 kgs (1 tonne).

Although a successfully prepared sand pad will minimise the risk of contaminants or debris compromising your water system, Pioneer Water Tanks Queensland also encourages installing a geotextile membrane for added safeguards.

Just before you start preparing your site for setup of your water tank, Pioneer Water Tanks QLD also recommends you contact your local shire to see if there are any policies or constraints in place.